All general inquires may be directed to volunteer@latf.ca

You are invited to join the LIVE AT THE FALLS (LATF) volunteer family for our first annual 2019 Festival. The LATF is being presented in Smiths Falls by the organizers of the highly successful Kemptville Live Music Festival.

In your role as a LATF volunteer, you are an important ambassador of the Festival.

Volunteers are required to assist in every facet of the festival’s planning and administration activities before, during and after the actual event including:

Supporting the Festival by assisting in planning and/or actual hands-on site prep and tear down, on-site signage, parking and camping, shuttle service, environmental control;

Supporting the Festival venue by being a member of the green team and assisting in the maintenance of the grounds and regular waste collection and disposal;
**Supporting the administration and marketing activities associated with the Festival including acting as administrative assistants to festival organizers, liaising with Leads and Coordinators, assisting in media liaison and advertising, website and social media management, development of media kits and sponsorship relations and recognition;
Supporting festival goers by working in the information kiosk, merchandise tent, accessibility services;
Supporting the Beer tent and VIP functions of the festival by working as servers, ticket sellers, age of majority verification and stock management;
**Supporting volunteer coordination by assisting in the recruitment of volunteers, training of volunteers, development of volunteer handbooks, scheduling of volunteers, on-site administration of volunteer functions and care and comfort of volunteers, data collection and record keeping of volunteer assignments for statistical purposes;
Supporting administration of the Vendor community by assisting in accepting and screening applications, communicating with applicants and on-site vendors during the event, vendor area set up, ensuring compliance and safety conditions are met, overall site management.
Supporting the festival by assisting with the logistical aspects of the operations e.g. maintaining a supply of tools and equipment, lights and extension cords, gas for vehicles and any other equipment, pop-up tents and any other equipment and tools as needed for the smooth operation of the Festival. This role also involves acting as a “fix-it” person when issues arise.
Supporting the volunteer management process by acting as a “swing” volunteer, ready to be moved from one section of the venue to another when required.

While the above tasks are not all-inclusive, you now have an idea of the scope of volunteer positions available. These tasks can range in duration from a few hours during the event, to a longer-term commitment in assisting in planning the event over a series of months.

Those activities flagged with an ** in the above list provide opportunity to work “behind-the scenes” prior to the actual event in administrative roles. If you have computer spreadsheet skills for example, we can use those skills in the months prior to the actual Festival dates in data processing and management. HR experience would be invaluable as we continue to develop job descriptions and HR policies for the festival.

Many of you hope to work back stage and/or in the green room with artists. These positions are very limited and are typically not advertised on our list of positions for scheduling.

In the months prior to the Festival, we hold a series of volunteer meetings and training sessions that we expect you to attend, to ensure that your volunteer experience will be as positive as possible.

In exchange for agreeing to work two 3-hour shifts over the two-day Festival weekend, we will, in turn, provide you with the following benefits in recognition of your time and commitment:

A LATF Volunteer T-shirt

Free access to the Venue to take part in the Festival after your shifts have been completed;
Free on-site parking
Free on-site Camping
Meals while working
Training and meetings before the Festival to prepare you for your volunteer role

You will be asked to generate a password and include it in your application. Make sure that you make note of your chosen password as you will need it for phase two of the process i.e. logging onto the VICNET site to generate your schedule.

One of the realities of our Application process is that each volunteer has to have a unique email address. If you share an email address with someone else also volunteering, the system will reject either you or the person with whom you share the email address and you will not be able to proceed to the self-scheduling segment.

Once you have submitted your completed Application, the Volunteer Coordination Team will then review and approve your application. Typically your application is screened to make sure that all the necessary information is included before we proceed.

Once your application has been approved, you will then receive an email with instructions on how to log onto our VICNET site where you will be able to self-schedule your shifts. Depending on the volume of applications received, your approval letter may take 24-48 hours to be issued.

To register as a volunteer to help make LIVE AT THE FALLS (LATF) a success, please complete the following electronic form. Make sure that you complete all designated fields otherwise your application may be rejected. Please pay special attention to the Code of Conduct terms and conditions prior to acknowledging that you accept the terms.

Volunteer Application Form

If you have any questions pertaining to being a volunteer please send your question to volunteer@latf.ca